06 April 2014

10th Anniversary of the Battle of Ramadi

Ten years ago today, the men of 2/4 Marines "Echo" Company were on a routine patrol on Route Gypsum through the market when they were attacked by hundreds of insurgents in a well planned ambush. The lead Humvee at the intersection of Route Nova and Route Gypsum was hit first, followed by attacks all along the column of unarmored vehicles.

In seconds, the men of 2/4 Marines "Echo" Company were fighting and dying in the Ramadi market place. Before reinforcements could arrive, 12 men had made the ultimate sacrifice in the savage fire fight.

Today at Camp Pendleton, the Gold Star families of the Fallen and their Marine brothers are gathering to pay homage to those lost on 6 April 2004. We will never forget these men and the sacrifices they and their families made that day.

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