05 November 2009

Simon Klingert's Postcard from Afghanistan

I would like to introduce you to a fellow photojournalist, a very talented (and brave!) photographer named Simon Klingert. I first met Simon at CPIC (Central Press Information Center) in Baghdad's Green Zone on 2 Mar 2008. My first impression of Simon Klingert was one of astonishment. This 20+ year old German student had completed (and financed) many self-assignments in areas that are extremely hazardous to Westerners, and has done a splendid job in the process. Simon is continuing his award winning photography in Afghanistan, and his "photo postcards" tell many stories. Here is a link to his blog: http://www.simonklingert.de/
I highly recommend that you follow his posts. Simon is embedded in areas in Afghanistan in which few U.S. journalists dare to tread.