06 April 2009

John Wroblewski 4 Mar 2008 returning to Fallujah after patrol

This clip shows John Wroblewski in our RCT 1 Humvee on the road back to Fallujah after our patrol and mission in Faris, Iraq.
Good video and comments.

"CC" Turret Cam video 4 Mar 2008 - Marine RCT1 Gunner "CC" Crosby's Turret Cam video - Pt 1 of 2

This is part 1 of 2 - A cool video made by 3/1 Marines RCT1 gunner "CC" Crosby's "Turret Cam video" as our Humvee heads toward Fallujah after our mission to Faris and the reconstruction project. A gunner's eye view from behind his M2 .50 cal machine gun from the gun turret, shot by future director, C. Crosby of 3/1 Marines RCT1. Thanks "CC"!

5th Anniversary of 2004 ambush of 2/4 Marines Echo Company

Today is 6 April 2009 and marks the 5th anniversary of the ambush of 2/4 Marines, Echo Company in Ramadi, Iraq in an alley next to the marketplace on Route Gypsum. Eleven Marines and a Navy Corpsman lost their lives in this alley five years ago today, fighting and dying for their fellow Marines, and while proudly serving our country in the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy.

Let's remember them today, along with a prayer for their families, loved ones, and the men they served alongside in Iraq, who also paid a terrible price with the loss of these brave men.

My thought's today center on my friends, the Wroblewski family. I will be thinking about J.T. and praying for you all today, and will look for a feather today in the yard to let me know if your angel stopped by on his way home to see you.

3/1 Marines visits U.S. funded Reconstruction project - Irrigation facility 4 Mar 2008

This video shows the U.S. funded reconstruction project of an irrigation facility near the Tigris River. Local dignitaries, Mayor of Faris, local businessmen, U.S. military personnel view the completed project in operation as 3/1 and 1/4 Marines provide security for the group.

4 Mar 2008 - RCT 1 Michaels sitrep in Faris, Iraq

Our Humvee cruises main street in Faris, Iraq. You can hear Vehicle Commander S. Michaels' voice in the background describing the general security situation in their AO (area of operations.)

4 Mar 2008 Faris, Iraq - 3/1 Marines RCT 1 Vehicle Commander Michaels comments

The Humvee of RCT1 (our vehicle) enters Faris, Iraq. Vehicle Commanders S. Michaels' voice can be heard in the background.

Heading out of Fallujah 4 Mar 2008 on 3/1 Marines - John Wroblewski video

Here is John looking at the kids waving from the side of the road as we head out of Fallujah to Faris, Iraq on our 4 Mar 2008 patrol with 3/1 Marines.

John Wroblewski Humvee to Faris, Iraq on 3/1 Marine patrol 4 Mar 2008

This clip is a quick shot of the interior of our Humvee as we begin a patrol with 3/1 Marines along the road from from Fallujah to Faris, Iraq. You can see our driver C. Martinez, the legs of our gunner C. Crosby (who is in the turret manning a Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun!) and John Wroblewski.