01 April 2009

Gold Star dad visit to Iraq on www.parcbench.com

Great news everyone! An original story I have written, along with my photos of John Wroblewski's visit to Ramadi, Iraq is the featured, front page article on www.parcbench.com today. I hope you will take the time to view this article and post a comment. Brett Joshpe and the staff have been very enthusiastic about this story and worked hard to get it published before the 6 April anniversary of the ambush in order to honor these brave men of 2/4 Marines, Echo Company, their sacrifice, and the sacrifices their families have made to our nation.

The staff is interested in more about our trip, so I would appreciate it if you would add your comments to their website to show your support for what I have tried to accomplish, so that the public can read more about John and his trip to honor J.T.'s memory along with the rest of the fallen.