06 December 2009

Iran: Killing US troops since 2003+/- Ahmadenijad will use nukes to hasten Apocalypse

President Ahmadinejad and Iranian officials have recently promised to construct many more nuclear facilities in response to possible sanctions by the U.N. Some media consultants proclaim this an idle threat due to Iran's lack of resources. Regardless of their ability to follow-through, Iran long ago declared war against the U.S. by providing Iranian elite special forces troops (Quods) the means to train and supply insurgents to kill or kidnap American troops.

I think that there are several reasons to be concerned about a nuclear Iran: 1) I think that Ahmadinejad believes that Iran can initiate the return of the Muslim messiah through the extermination of Israel. I think he believes that he can fulfill (cause or instigate) Muslim/Jewish/Christian apocalypse by starting a world war between Israel and Muslim countries. This scenario was also aired on the History Channel recently. 2) Ahmadinejad and Iran export arms and technology to known terrorist groups. 3) Nuclear weapons will bring Iran the respect Ahmadinejad craves and put Iran above the reach of world sanctions.

Many of my 2007 interviews and 2008 blog posts explain Iranian involvement in Iraq (see post labels beginning with Iran.) I am re-posting a link to a news video about a Lebanese Hezbollah officer captured with Iraqi insurgents in 2007. His group kidnapped and murdered 5 American soldiers in an attack on a U.S. post. He confessed to being paid by Iran to infiltrate Iraq and train foreign fighters/Iraqi insurgents how to use special IED's (improvised explosive devices) that can destroy our armored vehicles. The Iraqis captured with the Quods officer confirmed the details of his confession. Now, ask yourself honestly - If Iran is/has been sending Iranian troops to Iraq to kill our troops for at least 3 years, isn't that a declaration of war? http://www.indcjournal.com/archives/003033.php

I have several recordings of interviews with native Iraqis who easily identified Iranians posing as Iraqis in their neighborhoods in Iraq. Apparently, "local/regional accents" are identifiable in both the U.S. and Iraq - imagine that? This evidence tells me that that Iran is already prosecuting a war against the U.S. One wonders if any nations (Iran?) are supporting Taliban or Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to harm our troops there.

Since Iran is already at war with the U.S. (if you agree that nation-sponsored military action against the U.S. constitutes a declaration of war), what will Iran do when it acquires/develops a nuclear weapon? Based on Iran's rhetoric and actions, the U.S. should plan on either Israel or the United States being attacked. The threat of Iran using nukes against the U.S., or our allies in the region (Israel and southern European countries)must be resolved before it is too late. Is it better to take action to prevent a holocaust, or punish those responsible after the attack? I am in favor of any action that will prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon, be it stick or carrot, as long as no one pays them blackmail or ransom.

Honestly, I believe the Israelis will "remove" the threat well before the majority of Americans wake up to realize that this is a life-and-death situation. I know this attitude may seem cynical to others, but it seems that many people either don't care or won't think for themselves these days. I guess it's hard to worry about geopolitics, conflict and Muslim holy war against all non-believers if you are unemployed and have no way to pay your bills or buy food.

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