05 October 2009

Wrigley's Gum in Faris, Iraq 1 March 2008 video by Greg Janney

Hello everyone. I have some more videos to share with you from my 2008 embed in Iraq. The first video was filmed after Iraqi children made a 17 pack of Wrigley's Chewing Gum "disappear" in about 10 seconds. School children on their way home in Faris, Iraq surrounded me to get a stick of Wrigley's. The video begins a few seconds after the gum has been handed out.

After the children get all the gum I have, they go about their way home from school. But watch as the winds preceding a sandstorm swirl the gum wrappers down the street toward the market. Those swirling pieces of foil clad paper tell several stories: Those of Iraq's children; Iraq's education system; socio-cultural differences of Iraq and U.S.; trash disposal; eco-awareness; being "green."

I plan posts on some of these topics, along with more videos. Thanks for your support of our armed forces deployed around the world. Please keep the troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

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