05 October 2009

RCT1 Humvee crew & John Wroblewski interview 4 Mar 2008 by Greg Janney

This video is an interview of the Humvee crew members of RCT 1, 3/1 Marines and John Wroblewski in Iraq on 4 March 2008 following our patrol to Faris, Iraq. Crew members featured are: "CC" Carlsen Crosby (.50 BMG gunner); Sam Michaels (vehicle commander); Christian Martinez (driver); and John Wroblewski (Gold Star father of USMC 2Lt. J.T.Wroblewski, who was KIA in Ramadi, Iraq on 6 Apr 2004 along with 11 other Marines.)

I haven't heard from these men lately, but I pray for them and their families that they are safe and well.

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Timmy said...

This is gorgeous!