26 April 2009

Greg Janney - John Wroblewski interview on PajamasTV.com

This address is for the 15 minute Pajamas TV interview with John Wroblewski and I last Friday, 26 April 2009. The interview is done by Bill Whittle, PJTV Commentator on PJ Daily TV at http://www.pjtv.com/video/PJTV_Daily/A_Father%27s_Journey_to_Iraq/1771/

Please take the time to rate and comment on these recent media efforts to recognize the Wroblewski family, and the loss of at least twelve other families during the 6 April 2004 ambush. If we do not act now to keep the story in the public eye, it will quickly fade away. Let's do what we can to make sure that all Gold Star parents across the nation, as well as our military across the world know that we thank them all for their service and will never forget the sacrifices of the fallen or their families.
Freedom is not free, but is dearly paid for with the blood of patriots.

Web 2.0 media coverage through Brett Joshpe at http://www.parcbench.com helped make this coverage possible. Please visit my story, "A Father's Journey to Iraq" to read the full text of our story, and it is also posted on this blog as a separate post.

It is unlikely that these stories will be shown via the (generally) mainstream media. They do not want the world to hear any tributes to the U.S. soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Air personnel that have fought so hard, sacrificed so much, in their tireless effort to complete their mission in Iraq. So, I would encourage you to do some web-based research to sift the truth from the propaganda (or even worse, the absence of the truth) in media coverage.

I personally would prefer a story written by someone who has actually "experienced what happened, been to the scene, or has interviewed eye-witnesses", but many media agencies get their news from local "stringers or hired part-time reporters (hacks)", or report a wire story that came from God only knows where and from whom (unnamed sources!). What about you? Do you believe everything you see or read in the media? How credible (or biased) are the sources? I would enjoy your opinions on this topic, so please post a response to this blog (anonymously or not), so we can discuss this issue.

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