06 April 2009

5th Anniversary of 2004 ambush of 2/4 Marines Echo Company

Today is 6 April 2009 and marks the 5th anniversary of the ambush of 2/4 Marines, Echo Company in Ramadi, Iraq in an alley next to the marketplace on Route Gypsum. Eleven Marines and a Navy Corpsman lost their lives in this alley five years ago today, fighting and dying for their fellow Marines, and while proudly serving our country in the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy.

Let's remember them today, along with a prayer for their families, loved ones, and the men they served alongside in Iraq, who also paid a terrible price with the loss of these brave men.

My thought's today center on my friends, the Wroblewski family. I will be thinking about J.T. and praying for you all today, and will look for a feather today in the yard to let me know if your angel stopped by on his way home to see you.


Anonymous said...

RIP cherry

Anonymous said...

magnificent bastards. Echo 2/4 never forgotten Aril 6 2004