06 April 2009

"CC" Turret Cam video 4 Mar 2008 - Marine RCT1 Gunner "CC" Crosby's Turret Cam video - Pt 1 of 2

This is part 1 of 2 - A cool video made by 3/1 Marines RCT1 gunner "CC" Crosby's "Turret Cam video" as our Humvee heads toward Fallujah after our mission to Faris and the reconstruction project. A gunner's eye view from behind his M2 .50 cal machine gun from the gun turret, shot by future director, C. Crosby of 3/1 Marines RCT1. Thanks "CC"!

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Suzanne Amitrano said...

This was an amazing video. I felt like I was
taking the ride with them. Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne & Robert Amitrano