24 March 2009

Video #6 - John Wroblewski during flight to Kuwait 28 Feb 2008

John Wroblewski makes his video debut during our KLM flight over Iraq as we head toward Kuwait City, Kuwait on 28 Feb 2008. I think that he is deep in thought about our journey (and the reason for it: We are returning to Iraq to visit the site where John's son, USMC 2Lt J.T. Wroblewski, was mortally wounded during an ambush in east Ramadi on 6 April 2004. Ten other Marines and a Navy Corpsman were also killed during this ambush. However, John pretends that he is interested in our flight path during this clip, and smiles for my camera.


Monique said...

My heart breaks to think what his thoughts must have been on this final journey to the destination of where his son was killed. During my trip to the Marine Ball with my son in 2008 I had the pleasure of meeting most of his 11 man team along with the Navy Doc that was "attached" to them. I can only put myself in his position and think of all the boys I met and think of them gone. Heartbreaking...

US Marine Mom of Lcpl J. Miles Miller
2/1 Fox 3rd pltn
presently in Iraq

Greg Janney said...

What an honor to have met those men! Wish I'd had the chance to know them. Tell your son that I said, "Thank your for your service and sacrifice to our country", and thank you for being a Marine mom and your comment. I would enjoy hearing more if you want to share.