28 March 2009

Video #11 - Janney & Wroblewski depart BIAP for International Zone 1 Mar 2008

This clip of 2 Blackhawk helicopters was shot as Wroblewski and I began walking across the tarmac at the Baghdad International Airport to board one of them. Video or photographs at the airport are strictly against OPSEC (operational security.) However, my low quality video (posted over one year later) was hardly an OPSEC issue, then or now. Listen to the background audio, which is incredibly amusing in hindsight, as a female civilian (not wearing required body armor or Kevlar!) chastises me for shooting this short video. Seconds later, she was yelled at by our airfield escort for talking on her cellphone in a prohibited area! Booyah!


Suzanne L. Amitrano said...

That was a great shot. It just goes to
show who really didn't belong out there.

I'm sure the helicopter experience
was a thrill.

God Bless.


Greg Janney said...

Thank you Suzanne. You just had to be there to experience the irony. Although I've been fortunate to ride in many helicopters over the years, the flight over Baghdad was a unique experience I'll never forget.