16 September 2008

Welcome guest blogger, Leslie McDonald, wife of a Marine "over there."

Hello again friends, families and supporters of our deployed troops.

I'd like to introduce a new "guest" blogger, Leslie McDonald, who is the wife of a U.S. Marine NCO, currently stationed "over there", serving our country in his second deployment.

I've known Mrs. McDonald for about a year now, and she is articulate, and well-informed. She offers a unique perspective on not only what it is like to be the wife of a deployed Marine, but is also a lifetime supporter of our volunteer military forces. Leslie will detail all the freedoms (and responsibilities) that U.S. citizenship and military service convey, along with views from the "home front".

I have many updates to post as well, and look forward to your feedback about both my and Leslie's posts. I've never been the wife of a deployed Marine (and never will be!), so Leslie will offer readers a unique view into the challenges and blessings of being both a Marine wife and an avid supporter of our deployed troops.

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