17 May 2008

Wow! Moqtada's Saved the Day!

After the recent flare-up in violence in the Shiia majority areas of Basra and Sadr City in Baghdad, Moqtada Sadr (the self-proclaimed Mullah of Iraq's Shiia majority) ONLY took eleven days to announce to the world that the recent Shiia attacks on coalition forces were a mistake by rival Shiia insurgents designed to discredit his authority.

Strangely enough, even though these were "rogue Shiia militias," the attacks against coalition forces stopped almost immediately. Hmmm - what a coincidence. These groups are "not under his control", but violence stopped as soon as he issued his proclamation. Amazing!

I told you in my 7 May blog post that the recent Shiia violence was only a way for Sadr to flex his political "muscle." I think I've proven my point beyond a shadow of a doubt. If these groups were not under his control, then why did their attacks cease as soon as he issued his proclamation?

Coincidence? Hardly...

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