11 March 2008

US Marine Corp Humanitarian Aid in Ramadi

John and I accompanied Captain Martin and the 2/8 Marines Weapons Company on a four hour foot patrol to pass out humanitarian aid in Ramadi. The Marines filled a trailer with cans of kerosene, blankets, jackets, kerosene heaters, and a couple of generators and headed into a neighborhood that had been identified as possibly needing some assistance.

We also visited the home of a 1+ year old girl who had been accidentally hit by a stray bullet. Captain Martin had asked a local doctor to accompany us to examine the little girl, which he graciously did. The family lived in a one room house, with a very spartan, but spotless interior.
As you can see from the photographs below, we met both she, her sister, two brothers, and father in their home. The kids just loved banana flavored milk!

We finished our four hour long foot patrol at dusk, and went back to our "home away from home" with the 2/8 Weapons Company.

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