01 March 2008

Three Days Journey From the U.S.

After three days journey, John and I have arrived in Iraq. We've been very fortunate that the weather has been good, and that our U.S. Army Public Affairs Officers and NCO's have been incredibly thorough, and friendly professionals. I've never met a more dedicated bunch of soldiers in Public Affairs, especially in light of our road weary bodies and minds.
We have started and ended our journey to this point in an SUV, being transported on everything from our own legs, an Airbus A-330 jet, a bus, to a rotary wing aircraft in between. Thankfully, these tireless Army and Marine professionals have been with us every step of the way, insuring that we not only made our connections on time, but also had a comfortable place to sleep, good food, and even a new pair of sunglasses when I realized I had forgotten mine.
We will begin our travels again soon, and I will do my best to update you as quickly and as prudently as operational security allows. Please keep the prayers up, as we've been incredibly blessed thus far into our trip.

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Anonymous said...

I guess it's impossible to remember to take everything, but if that is all you forgot, then that's pretty good. Good luck Brother.

your little bro,